In the “jungle of everyday life”, but especially before traveling, it makes sense to think about the theft protection of the backpack and luggage. Especially when traveling around the world, personal belongings are often reduced to the little that can be carried on the back – and that is all the more important. And on location, at home, at the place of study or on the way to work, smartphone and laptop are companions that strongly shape our everyday life, but also store a lot of knowledge about us personally or about our activities – a loss would represent a massive intrusion into our living environment.

That’s why it’s good that some backpacks are designed to be theft-proof, which can largely prevent such incidents.

Anti-theft backpacks in online – trade – What should you look out for?

Unfortunately, advertising has also discovered the anti-theft backpack as a buzzword. Especially in the online trade, various allegedly theft-proof backpacks are offered under this label, which are supposed to ward off theft with “reinforced outer material” or “concealed zippers”. If the headline says “anti-theft backpack”, that doesn’t mean anything. The suppliers speculate on the fact that the prospective customers can be animated then above all by fashionable aspects to the purchase and do not pay attention further to the concrete anti theft equipment of the backpack.

What makes the anti-theft backpack theft-proof?

Therefore, you are advised to take a closer look at the descriptions. There should be certain features that are essential for a theft-proof backpack.

These refer mainly to the material, but in part also to certain features:

  • The backpack material must be stab and cut resistant and thus resist slashing, e.g. in the crowds of the subway. This can be achieved by a wire mesh or by dyneema or Kevlar layers (used e.g. for stab protection vests of the security services) in the backpack cover.
  • The straps of anti-theft backpacks should also be cut-resistant. Special fabric or wire rope inserts in the straps also help here.
  • The zippers should be secured with locks. For this, several zippers must be brought together at one point, where a suitcase lock holds them together so that they cannot be pulled open. Ideally, the anti-theft backpack has a firmly riveted lock for this purpose. Concealed, not immediately recognizable zippers help additionally against the fast material theft.

Of course, these requirements limit the choice of anti-theft backpacks. Only a few manufacturers focus on anti-theft material and design of backpacks. Leading in this point is the brand pacsafe, whose model series is completely focused on the best possible theft-proof backpack.

Valuables and RFID – data protection

Especially for the transport of valuables such as the laptop or the tablet to the university or to work anti-theft backpacks in daypack – sizes are very well suited. Padded interior pockets protect the equipment from additional shocks. These daypacks are quite suitable for everyday use.

For travel, there are larger variants of anti-theft backpacks depending on the project and usage requirements. Meanwhile, anti-theft backpacks are no longer just gray or black, but several color models and design variants bring a greater variety to the world.

Ideally, the everyday lines of anti-theft backpacks also have RFID-proof inner pockets, so that data theft through the backpack cover is prevented. Unfortunately, passport, ID card or cash cards are increasingly equipped with RFID chips, so that the data can be copied by radio with appropriate readers. RFID – protection in bags and backpacks prevents this.

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Everyday life with anti theft backpack – the Daypacks

Pacsafe Venturesafe X18 Daypack

The Venturesafe X18 Daypack* is a theft-proof daypack with approx. 18 liter pack volume. A laptop up to 13″ can be stored in this everyday backpack in the padded extra compartment. Other compartments protect smartphone and valuables. Protects the contents of this anti-theft backpack with a fine stainless steel – wire mesh as an insert of the outer shell. The carrying straps are also reinforced with steel cables. The zippers are secured with an integrated lock. The interior is protected against RFID – data theft.

The back and carrying straps of the anti-theft backpack are padded. The upper material is water repellent. Several color options are offered – in addition to two shades of black, there is also a green, plum and blue option.

Pacsafe Cruise essentials 12 Daypack

Without laptop and with only a few security-relevant items on the road, the Cruise essentials 12 liter anti-theft backpack* is sufficiently large. Saved on volume – but not on security! Also this small daypack has a cut-resistant fabric with steel wire – mesh. A lock secures access to the zipper. The carrying straps are protected with steel cables against cutting. During a stay, a strap can be looped around a railing or a pillar and secured with the lock, so that a quick access for thieves is not possible. The backpack is also secured against RFID – data theft. Three colors “pinot”, “black” and “ashwood” are selectable.

Travel with secured bag or anti-theft backpack

Adventure backpack Venturesafe X30

With around 30 liters of storage volume, the adventure backpack X30* from the Venturesafe series already offers a lot of space for small adventures. Whether as a daypack for city explorations or as a hiking backpack for short tours with or without dog and without too much luggage, that’s exactly what it was made for. The padded carrying system ensures comfortable travel experiences. A hydration system can be procured and inserted separately, the hose opening is available.

On the safety equipment was not spared in this anti-theft backpack – the fabric is interspersed with hidden steel wires and prevents cuts in the shell. The main zippers converge at a single point and are secured by a riveted lock. The carrying straps are additionally equipped with steel cables and resist subway – rippers. The theft-proof sports backpack is available in hawaiian blue.

If you need more space for bigger adventures, there is the X40 version of the adventure backpack* with up to 40 liters volume.

Wheeled carry on EXP21 Venturesafe travel bag

Do you prefer to go on tour with a rollable travel bag? Then instead of the anti-theft backpack, the rolling theft-proof travel bag EXP21* from the Venturesafe series is the right model. It is equipped with all the anti-theft features that pacsafe has to offer: cut-resistant materials, puncture-proof zippers, a central riveted lock and additionally a steel cable with which the travel bag can be chained to the frame, e.g. in the luggage racks of the train. As a lock serves here the existing zipper – security. Otherwise, the travel bag is a comfortable means of transport on smooth roads with solid wheels and expander – pull handle, which will become a popular and safe travel companion for you. The theft-proof travel bag offers protected space for your belongings.

You need a bigger version? Than take the Venturesafe exp34 wheeled carry on travel bag*.

Travel backpack Venturesafe EXP65

The voluminous travel backpack Venturesafe EXP65* is ideally suited for the big trip around the world. With 65 liters, the volume is also well sized for digital nomads and other long-term globetrotters. The advantage here is – the anti-theft backpack protects your belongings from loss, so you certainly do not have to fear a trip interruption for this reason.

A raised “lid – bib” additionally covers the zipper, so that thieves do not even see the access exposed in front of them. Compression straps on the sides facilitate the adjustment of the backpack – size to the actual filling quantity. Padded handles on the top and one side also allow good handling when stowing in the luggage compartment.

More anti-theft backpacks and bags

Your anti-theft backpack was not yet included? Then get the complete overview of theft-proof backpacks and bags*…

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