Almost every dog owner develops a strong bond with his pet. Man and dog spend a lot of time together, have shared experiences that would not be possible without the dog. They meet other dog friends and get into conversation about the animal, they arrange their everyday life coordinated with the needs of their dog. With many dog – owners the dog belongs more or less to the family and is hardly to be excluded from its role as a communicator or movement – Animateur. In addition, there is the responsibility for the dog itself, but also for its “deeds” to fellow human beings.

Responsible dog owners – between freedom and control with the help of a GPS tracker

Of course, it is logical that dogs – owners think about how to keep their house friend sufficiently under control. And not only on their own property and during the time of their presence, but also during the absence or during the walk, when the dog romps around without a leash and amuses the family with his fun. No one likes to be constantly on the lookout for a runaway.

In the past, yard dogs were often kept on a chain for long periods of the day – always, as long as no one had time to spend with the animal. Fortunately, that attitude is largely gone. New technical possibilities now help us to make everyday life easier, to give the animals a lot of freedom and to exercise the necessary control in a gentler way. These include such modern inventions as GPS (global positioning by satellite) and smartphone – apps. For dogs, a GPS tracker helps to monitor the whereabouts of the dog and to identify the favorite place or places. You can quickly find a runaway with the GPS tracker.

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A GPS tracker shows the location of the dog – in real time

The tracktive GPS Dog 4 collar – tracker* combines these technical innovations to a versatile combination. The dog gets it clipped to the collar as a small box with the help of a rubber clip and the activated device informs about the current location of the dog depending on the setting. This makes it easy to find lost dogs.

GPS tracker dog with collar mount
tracktive GPS tracker for dogs*

Several working modes of the GPS tracker are possible:

1. virtual fence

GPS-tracker dontrol the dog with virtual fence
Dog run with virtual fence

In order to signalize an escape of the dog from the own yard or also on the way e.g. from the vacation place, a “virtual fence” can be set up. I.e. around the center of the own place a free movement zone in an arbitrary radius is specified, in which the dog with GPS tracker may be on the way. If he leaves this area and runs away, an alarm is triggered. Your smartphone shows in the tracking app that the dog has left the safety zone.

2. live tracking via GPS and smartphone app

live-tracking of dogs with GPS tracker for instance in case of runaway
live tracking per GPS

When live tracking is activated, the GPS collar sends the location to the smartphone at desired intervals. With the help of this module, the dog can also be tracked everywhere, no matter where he moves. For this purpose, the live – tracking is set to the location – transmission up to every 2 seconds, so that a position and movement picture results. In this way, the dog can be located with GPS tracker at any time – no matter where he is. The system works worldwide. Runaways are thus monitored and specifically found again.

3. position – history GPS tracked and stored in the app

GPS tracker dog - Record the position history
Record the movement in a position history

The movement of your dog can be recorded. For example, you will get to know the favorite places of the dog when you see where he stays often and longer. You can also track the usual routes of your dog with GPS tracker. The recording can even protect you from unjustified liability claims. For example, if your dog is said to have caused an accident, you can prove that he was not at that place by the position records.

4. activity – tracking How active is your dog?

Activity tracking tells you a lot about your dog’s mobility. So, how much he has run around during the day, how many calories he has burned and how long the rest periods are. This will help you to better estimate the nutritional needs and assess the health – condition. If the dog is unusually quiet and moves much less than usual, this may be a sign of illness or injury. Then you should keep a closer eye on your darling.

GPS tracking per smartphone - App - control the mobility of your dog
Freedom of mobility controlled by smartphone App

Dog escaped over the border returned with GPS – collar

Zeitungs-beitrag Hund mit GPS-tracker entläuft über Grenze

A police report went through the German press these days: The Czech dog Edy had escaped across the border into the neighboring German town of Großschönau. Because of the border closure for Corona defense, the Czech owner could not hurry behind and catch Edy herself. The police were informed. Through the position information of Edy’s GPS collar, the owner was able to give exact information about the whereabouts of her dog. That is also where the police officers found Edy. Called by name, he voluntarily got into the police car and was taken to the border. There, the Czech dog owner received the dog unharmed.

The Tractive GPS tracking device for your dog

The device itself is a small box (about 7 x 3 x 2 cm) weighing 35 grams, which is attached to the collar with a rubber clip. The housing of the dog GPS tracker is waterproof and shockproof (IPx7). For the power supply is a battery installed, which lasts up to 5 days. A charging cable with USB port is included.

Basically, two modules are built into the GPS tracker: A GPS receiver get the signals from the global positioning satellites and uses them to calculate the current location – to the meter. These are passed on to a transmitter that operates in the mobile phone network. From there, the location data is transferred to your smartphone and the tracktive – GPS-tracking – app shows you all the information. The data display is also possible on a PC / laptop via web browser. The GPS tracking system works worldwide.

The dog GPS tracker is switched on or off by a protected waterproof switch. Due to the concealed placement, your dog cannot accidentally turn off the device itself.

A paid subscription (from 4,17€/month) is required to operate the device. This can be purchased after buying the GPS dog tracker. The subscription includes the use of the mobile phone network for the position transmission from the dog to the smartphone.

Image Source: title photo – Photo by Kai Wenzel on Unsplash, ja-xi-usp- Photo by Jaycee Xie on Unsplash, Product Photos – Manufacturer/ Distributor