Pet friends love their animals. For cats – owners this applies in a special way. Hardly any other pet is cuddled and fondled as much as the cat. To no other domestic animal the relationship is so intimate as to the cat. It is all the more bitter when cats are lost. Since cats are very mobile animals and move not only on level ground, but also with all kinds of climbing skills through the 3rd dimension, it sometimes comes to accidents or simply to reach points from which especially younger cats yet do not find back properly. They sometimes overestimate their climbing skills. In addition, cats more often walk into traps – intentionally set traps or spatial coincidences, from which there is no way back without help. All the better it is for cat owners to get information about the ways of their animals and their whereabouts. A GPS – tracker helps with this. Tracking is especially important for precious breed cats.

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What is a GPS tracker for cats?

Im Efeu versteckte Katze entlaufen

The GPS tracker uses the satellite-based global positioning system (GPS), with which locations can be calculated to the meter. A GPS collar for cats informs the cat owner via a smartphone app or on a laptop via a web browser where the cat is or where it has been. Through the GPS – tracking, the cat lover can judge whether the cat is just simply straying or whether it is in a situation from which it may not be able to get out without help. And by the position – indication of the cat – GPS tracker there is a concrete place, where the search can be started.

GPS tracker cat with additional benefits

The GPS tracker for cats can do even more with the help of the smartphone app. The tracktive cat GPS tracking system* offers the following functions:

1. A virtual fence for the cat

GPS tracker Katze - virtual fence
Virtual fence for the cat

Of course, you can hardly confine a cat. Thus, the cat lover does not meet the normal mobility needs of the animal. The better it is that the GPS tracker for cats has a control option ready, with which you can keep your beloved cat in check even when outdoors. Using the smartphone app, you can define a radius from the apartment in which the cat is allowed to move freely. So a runaway is quickly discovered. Because the tracktive GPS tracker sounds an alarm via the smartphone if the cat exceeds this movement radius and moves too far away from home. Of course, you can then immediately see where the runaway is moving and start a targeted search. Especially when the cat goes on vacation and is then in a new environment, a virtual fence and live tracking via GPS helps not to lose the animal. The GPS tracker works worldwide.

2. live – tracking via GPS

live tracking GPS tracker Katze
live tracking the way of your cat

Regardless of whether it is an emergency or simply out of interest, the cat’s movement can be tracked practically in real time via the GPS tracking – cat collar. On a map of the surroundings, the path of the animal is constantly displayed if desired. If this involves a runaway, the only thing left to do is to get on the track afterwards and catch the animal. However, it can also be important if the GPS tracker transmits the location of the cat from the same place for a long time. Of course, the cat may have simply laid down for a nap. But it is also possible that the animal has injured itself or has fallen into a trap or the cat has climbed to a point from which it cannot get down without help. Also for this the GPS – tracking – collar supplies the necessary information “cat remains at a place” and “the location of the cat is there and there“.

3. recording of the position history

location history GPS tracker Katze
A position history

Through the transferred location – data of the GPS tracker for the cat, the smartphone – app can also record the whereabouts over time if desired. So you learn a lot more about the everyday life of your cat. For example, the usual paths on your own or other people’s property. Or popular resting places where your cat often takes a break. Or also of special ways, if the cat explores the environment further than usual. This knowledge is also of advantage to estimate if your cat stays in an unusual place (could be an indication of an emergency). If necessary, the position – history can even contribute to the defense of liability – damage, if your cat is supposed to have caused a damage, but was demonstrably not at all at the place in question.

4. activity tracking with the GPS tracker

activity survey GPS tracker Katze
Activity tracking about your cat

A useful additional function is the activity tracking of the GPS tracker for the cat. The smartphone app records the daily activity of your cat. So comparable to a fitness tracker for humans. This gives you an overview of how mobile your cat is during the day. You can draw conclusions from this tracking data, e.g. about the food requirement, in order to avoid overfeeding. If you notice that your cat moves very little in contrast to what it is used to, this can be an indication of an illness or injury. Thus you learn more about the mobility and the well-being of your cat, derivable from tangible data.

How does the cat GPS tracker work?

The tracktive GPS tracker cat* is attached to the cat by means of a collar. This device is housed in a sturdy but lightweight plastic case about 7cm long and 3cm high. It’s only 1.6cm thick, the weight is less than 30 grams. The case is waterproof and shockproof (IPx7). Included in the delivery is a sturdy leather collar, to which a click-holder for the cat – GPS tracker is attached. There you can click the device.

Basically, the GPS tracker cat combines two devices with two functions. One is the GPS receiver, which can receive and evaluate the signals from the GPS satellites. The GPS tracker calculates the exact location from the angular relationships of several satellites. This information is passed on to a mobile phone transmitter, which functions like a mobile phone. In the mobile network, the current location data is sent to the smartphone. The app available for the GPS tracker evaluates the data and uses it to output the desired functions such as live tracking or virtual fence. The GPS tracker cat works worldwide, there is no limitation of the range. A replaceable battery supplies the GPS tracker cat with the power necessary for operation. The battery lasts about 5 days. Charging cable and cat collar are included.

To use the GPS tracker cat from tracktive, a paid subscription is required (from about 4,20€/ month). GPS trackers are also available for other animals, e.g. dogs.

Katze mit GPS tracker im Gebirge

Image Source: Cover Photo: Photo by anna breaux on Unsplash; Product Photos – Manufacturer / Distributor; usp033 – Photo by Paulina K on Unsplash; usp034 – Photo by Tamas Tuzes-Katai on Unsplash